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Old 10th October 2016
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Hi Nathan
Good question. Trust is everything between an engineer and the band/artist. I can't imagine working with someone without it. I think the technology nowadays makes it easier to get that trust. Using virtual soundcheck means the band can sit at FOH with me and hear exactly what I'm doing, make suggestions but mainly feel reassured that their music is being delivered to the audience how they it should be. Back in the day they would get second hand reports from their friends and family. Or the bloke at the bar in ht back of the club who thought the bass was too loud. Everyone's mother thought their son was too quiet on stage!
At the end of the day its their music, we just make sure that what they are doing on stage is experienced by the audience properly. We're like a bridge between the musical ideas of the band and the paying audience. We're the third most important element in that equation so I think humility is essential. Superstar roadie egos are boring and miss the point. (and get you fired).
One last point: I always say to younger engineers -if they ask- that the most important way to succeed is to be enthusiastic, polite, on time and fun to be around. An awesome snare sound helps but if you're going to be on busses and planes endlessly with the same group of people the person with the great attitude and ok skills wins over the person with a poor attitude and great skills. Never think you're too good for your gig. Its your gig, you chose it do it, so do it to the utmost of your ability, with total commitment and with a smile on your face.
You asked does the size of the pay check influence decisions. No, it can't, if you do a badly payed job really well maybe the next one will be better paid and the one after that better still.
I would tell my younger self to start learning about computers and digital audio earlier than I did. I was a terrible analogue snob for way beyond the point it made sense. Dude hope that is what you were after. ask a supplementary if I missed the point. cheers