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The break down section sounds doubled and in octaves. I'm not hearing anything below the fundamental though (based on a 4 string bass). Filtered (Q-Tron, even wah wah in a rather fixed posision, or similar) effect, possible a low octaver (which could explain the synth likeness). But I'm not hearing the (lower) octave. So I'd rather guess it's a double tracked electric bass one with the Q-Tron (or whatever it is) and one "clean", there's a good dose of saturation in there though. Then the "octave feel" would be from the Q-Tron effect. Maybe. The electric bass definitely plays the fundamental though we hear/sense more of the upper harmonics. The guitar partly doubles the bass at times but it doesn't mess with the bass tone.

I don't think it's a P-bass. I'm hearing too much of a J-bass bridge tone (growl, bite) in there for it to be only P-bass (pickup).

I'm tempted to think there could be a fretless bass in there (especially in the breakdown) :D the lack of (fret) attack / sound suggests that... but I doubt it though... Incidentally I picked up my fretless when I played along

On the recording from the Eurovision Song Contest (one of the first public live performances of the song) the bass is clean, partly doubled by one of the guitars at times.

Adam Blackstone is amazing! A prodigy for sure... he does play a Sadowsky though in their jazz configuration. I'm pretty certain he uses ALOT of Aguilar effects since he's a big part of the Aguilar family.