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According to Ohm's Law I think that for 120V you would need a fuse DOUBLE the rating of the 240V fuse.

See this picture from the PCM-60 manual:
Well spotted....shame you needed a manual? Any 120Volt fuse is almost always half at 240Volts!
I was just answering a question quickly, So one Amp 3AG (American Gauge) fuse.
So then
0.500 milliamperes at 120 Volts
0.250 milliamperes at 240 Volts
100 Volts can differ as many countries use 50/60Hz from Mexico to Japan!
That's why Korg and Roland, and Hard bound Lexicon or Eventide will state
100 Volt no 2nd/3rd fusing at 5x20 mill fusing. These by the way will stay at the power rail voltage and usually do not change for region! Unless triple fused though usually the hard Power Trafo makes it not required etc!
One Half - @ 120V = 240V
Ohms law and all!
Though...ho hum? must love the minutia though I agree a silly typo!