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"phrenology" - making of

hi russell,

lots a the artist you've worked with i love for their sound. And now, i have to think you're a part of that.

There has been a lot of talk on D'angelo, but i wondered if you could talk a bit the recording and mixing of The Roots' "Phrenology".

For example, how do you achieve such a drum sound as in the song "sacrifice"?
I also think the highlight (for me) of the album is the song "water". Such a groove!!! The percussive part seems really complex, could you decrypt it for us? (i hear claps a lot, a snare punctuation, a jazzy hihat...)

And of course, i wanted to talk to you about the finish, after 4'. Could you tell us more about how it was generated? what was the original idea? I LOVE THAT PART ! and i think it is brilliant!all those sounds are great.

Thanks a lot for being here

Eric H.