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That was a very interesting band and record to work on. They had two good guitarists with very different styles, so depending on the song, there could be 4 rhythm tracks total, 2 by each, hard panned. i never use ambient mics on heavy guitars, so I am sure its all close miked with a just a 57, and maybe a 421, but it could also have been something unusual because the studio we recorded at in Germany had a great mic locker. I don't remember what amps they were using, I think a Boogie though. I think any scoop you hear could have been the Neve EQ on the nice old console the studio had, which had a lot to do with the sound of the record.

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Hi again Rhys,
This gotta be one of my favorites.I was wondering about the rhythm guitars.They seem so wide & kind of "wet", for lack of a better term.Is it that the mids are scooped?Are there ambience mics mixed with the close-up ones?2 tracks Left+2 tracks Right?
Thanx in advance.