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Old 6th October 2016
Here for the gear

Just saw that promo for the release of REDNET Control 2.0. Looks great and looking forward to using it.

Integration of RED 4PRE/8PRE Control into 2.0 should fit quite nicely.

As an ASIDE, I also mentioned in a couple of email communications with RedNet support, that a Dante Based Control Surface System, with a SEXY RED Metal chassis, One long narrow unit for Automation, One unit that is just 8-16 channel faders with push button and rotary encoders, scribble scripts (either double for channel info and other for effects etc or a small 10" LCD screens as a add on to each fader module), TWO TalkBack Channels (just TB quality), and maybe 2 switchable DAC outputs. Unlimited expansion with the 8-16 channel units.

Make it quality and with close attention to price, you will ruel the DAW studio and Live Sound. I just bought that new ICON Pro X after using several other Control surfaces over the years. This New Pro X looks like what the REDNET version should look like sort of but maybe 16 faders etc... but DANTE and not limited to 3 expansion units.

Or Just buy ICON corp.

I think this would crush and you could design everything from Studio Desk Cutout Mounting accessories to LIVE rack Cases.