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the trust thing

Robb, thanks for hanging out here! It's a pleasure to read through what good questions already have been asked and your answers to them.

My questions are from the point of a weekend warrior, doing (mostly live) sound next to a regular day job. Where running sound is a one man show more often than not. In my experience, mixing alone is only part of the job, and I daresay even less than half of it.
I do have opinions of my own on these questions, but would love to hear your thoughts as of someone who surely started off small some time back in the past, but now stands where you stand today.

What's your perspective on trust between the sound provider - especially the mixing guy - and other parties involved, mainly the band itself? What degree or amount of trust would you expect right from the start, for being hired at all? What are your thoughts on earning trust, how does it work, to what degree you think it's acceptable to actively work on it until you claim kind of a blind trust that your work is good? Meaning you're making the very best of the situation.

How do you react when the trust you think should be there just isn't? What ways you try to go to get to a point you think is acceptable? At which point do you decide to quit, how'd you do it keeping up a professional manner?

In which way does the size of the pay cheque influence this decision?

Maybe most interesting of all to me: Being where you are today, do you handle such situations differently? (Do they even really occur to you still?) Knowing what you know today, would you tell your past self to act differently from how you did back then? Or would you act the same being in a position you were in at that time?

I'm finding it a bit difficult to put into words and questions what I have in mind. Hope you get the meaning of it.