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You're right Jim.. it is 4ms! although in use I've found DVS to just not be fast enough for real time monitoring from the DAW.

With Thunderbolt interfaces the days of USB/ Firewire speeds are gone, and we can all monitor the way God intended... straight from the DAW, without the clumsy Mbox style input mix function.

It's a shame DVS can't be made quicker, as Dante is really fast. It's definitely the weak link in the system. Not SSL's fault!!

DVS is a great application for live recording. I've used it for a few years now. Totally revolutionary.

This unit will be brilliant with bigger Dante networks that don't require DVS to operate.

I have a Focusrite 4pre which connects Dante to Thunderbolt, so in my system this thing would very much rock!!. Elsewhere though The analog EXT in's may be the preferred connection method of course Superanalogue being seriously adequate!!.

Just have to work out if I sell the X-desk or have both.