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Old 4th October 2016
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Hi all,

It's not yet been mentioned on this thread (though I'm sure I've mentioned it on another thread which I can't seem to locate!) - you will be able to re-order the inputs on both the Red 4Pre and the Red 8Pre after a future update, this will allow you to get around the '1-to-1' mapping restriction when using hardware inserts in Pro Tools.

Actualsizeaudio - this means that you could have the line inputs match up with the line outputs if you wish to. When using Thunderbolt mode, you can in fact already do the opposite by using Focusrite Control to effectively re-arrange the output ordering to match the input ordering.

MGA - I'm not sure whether or not this might be possible in future but I'll certainly pass your request on to the team for consideration.

Jack // Focusrite Technical Support