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Peace Russell...
Now for my simple question...How did/do you capture the snaps and hand claps on the album or when you record? What micing techniques, polar patterns, signal chain, etc....did you use? On Voodoo it just sounds so natural that I just have to ask. Is it because it was recorded to tape? what is it? I know it's something simple, but it's something that I'd ask you over a cup of coffee, ya know? But we've never met and I don't drink coffee. So hopefully in the future I'll be able to watch you work... until then... Thanx ahead for your time.

thanks very much for everyone's compliments heh
if my memory is correct, i used mostly tube mics like a u67 and u47 through neve pre's. expensive clap tracks huh? for the snaps i had them each about a foot (30.5cm) away and the claps about 2 feet. i remember they played them all live and we didn't loop it. and in the mix, i believe i used the console compressor without much eq, if at all. i do think recording to tape was a factor as well as D and ahmir having the loudest snaps and claps i've ever heard anyone play.