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Hi Russell thanks for your kind help and sincerity in your answers!
I have a curisity : how do you setup your enviroment for mixing, your ergonomics, lights, Incense, track order in the console etc.
Can you tell us how do you start your mixes, (drums, Vocals etc)
Do you have any hr of preference to start working on a mix?
And how many hrs o days did you work in your longest mix?
hello reuven,

your very welcome. thanks for all your enthusiasm in this forum.
i usually start my day at 1pm or 2pm. and i'll work for about 10 to 12 hours. for an album project, i like to get the first song up and and take my time getting the sound for the album. i'll try and pick a song that best represents an example of the album as a whole. and i'll leave and get some rest then finish my tweaks the next day and print, then start all over again. as i've said, i try and pace myself as you need to stay as fresh and open as possible. when i was younger, i could go for 14 to 16 hours without a problem. now i know when it's time to go. you get to a point when your creativity is burnt and you start going backwards.

i try and make my environment comfortable, relaxed and fun for me and the artist. if you're spending all this time in one place, it has to feel like your home. i like having inspiration around, so i'll have concert/music/artist dvd's around, CD's, books related to music/art, little gadgets, incense, candles, art, xbox, etc. you know, anything that can take you away from the song for a bit. and of course, it's good to have a nice meal with everyone. i do try and eat well for good energy.

essentially i make the environment a place to play not to work. it's all about having fun... we work in a field where the mundane can hamper your creativity so you should do what you can to keep the creativity flowing. nothing is too out of the ordinary when it comes to art. D likes to have his xbox, dvd's and plenty of water, erykah likes her candles, incense and vegetarian food, keziah likes having his books and journal, ?uestlove is constantly on his mac so he can talk to the 50 people he has on his ichat.

i gotta go for now, but i'll come back to answer your other questions and about setting up my mixes.