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Here for the gear

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You're absolutely right. It depends if we have to choose a local or distant or also live configuration, and the number / type of input or output we need. And after thinking about, hybrid solution is really great and flexible especially through Dante protocol.


Originally, I was staying away form the RED PRE series based upon my preference for the modular approach. The outputs on the DB25 on the 4PRE are great, just like my REDNET 1, but in addition to liking the analog ins and preamps in tracking area, my headphone distribution is where that goes and I like that out of the control room as well.

The RED 4PRE eventually got me tho. I had bought the AM2 and while I was wanting a Dante based volume control, it is only one HP out and stereo main out. So the dual HP and Monitor control was an alluring aspect to the RED 4PRE, but now it should be in the center of the control area. Additionally, of course, the digital I/O, PT, and TB as well as the dual chip design are benefits. I was running the REDNET 3 without a hitch, but my digital I/O needs were mostly as a backup, so I took it out.

So I haven't yet pushed the envelope at all in terms of trying different uses, such as studio and remote. Right now in studio, REDNET 1, RED 4 PRE, AM2, PCIe card, 4 Rednet 4s. I have a remote recording project coming up in couple of weeks for a small jazz quintet. Still deciding and determining the most efficient setup to bring.
Either running the RED4PRE in TB with a REDNET 4 plugged into RED4PRE, 12 channels. If I need more than 12 channels I am still unsure whether I can either 1) plug two rednet 4 units, 16 channels into a switch and into the RED4PRE, 20 channels total and TB into Laptop or 2) whether I have to bring switch but also PCIe in a external chassis and do it all std. Dante to add the two REDNET units.

I will figure it out, unless anyone has insight into that already in terms of using 2 REDNET4 units with RED4PRE, into a switch and into RED4PRE TB into computer.

Anyways, I like added flexibility for sure.
So, while I now have a two 25ft DB25 cables running out of the control room that I didn't have before, I like having the dual HP and monitor control of the RED4 PRE, especially with the AM2, I have both my Monitor sets running on separate stereo outs, with independent volume control and 3 HP outs. I have the AM2 plugged into RED4PRE. So, while I really didn't spend time empirically comparing the DA of the REDNET1 with the AM2 DA output audio quality (they are certainly very close), I must say I have been noticing perhaps more high freq detail and sightly greater sense of depth. Just an opinion so far, as I really haven't spent enough time with them and either way, definitely enjoying the DA on the RED4PRE

So one thing that I am sure focusrite knows, is the lack of control of the RED4PRE with REDNET CONTROL. Having to use the "Clarrett Control" software in TB mode is a bit of a limiting factor for me in some ways. Not a major issue, but outside of much preferring to do all the preamp and control aspects on one software program, not two, but desktop is a 2010 or 11 six core Mac Pro, which INSANELY enough is not TB equipped or capable. So I have to use my Macbook for TB control. I want to be able to use it as a pure Dante Rednet device, which would only mean being able to control in REDNET control and not necessarily need the TB connection. Seems like a simple but helpful fix or addition?