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Just to mentioned, I have the RED 4PRE and love it. However, I still love the REDNET 1 and 4, as I love the modular design. For me, the RED 4PRE is great, but I prefer the preamps in a remote unit like REDNET 4 etc... I can put a unit by the drums and one by piano etc... and have just the cat6 cable to router and just two cat6 into the control room. With the RED 4 PRE, I want to use the preamps, but now I must cable into the control room, which is fine for the 4 channels, but the modular aspect is still highly desirable for me. Won't be selling REDNETs anytime soon.

Also, I believe (could be wrong, haven't used it in that way yet) it is limited to 32 channels of Dante thru the RED 4PRE, 8PRE might be different.

So for me, a hydrid of REDNET with the 4PRE has been a great setup with excellent flexibility.
You're absolutely right. It depends if we have to choose a local or distant or also live configuration, and the number / type of input or output we need. And after thinking about, hybrid solution is really great and flexible especially through Dante protocol.