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This is awesome Steve! I wish you the very best man!

A few questions (not sure if they've been answered).

1. Tin roof?
2. No soundlock from main entrance to CR & Live Room?
3. Also no lounge, kitchen, toilet? :-D

Enjoy the process!
Hi and thanks for the questions and encouragement

Yes it is a thick metal roof... Below the roof there is a soundproofing Drop Ceiling.

- Roof Description....

The roof will have a layer of Hardiflex Fiber Cement Board below the metal roofing with insulation below that. Below that is a Hardiflex drop ceiling angled 14' to 18'.

So the roof construction is... Metal Roofing - Vapor barrier insulation - Hardiflex - Fluffy Insulation - Airspace - then a Hardiflex Drop Ceiling with Fluffy insulation

- The Hallway is the sound lock from the LR to CR Hallway is 120cm wide and about 7m to the CR door.
- There is a bathroom/toilet in the Hallway/Office area.
- I might put a sound lock with Double Doors between CR and Office.
- The Office area will be the Lounge/Waiting area. Its about 4m x 4m
- No kitchen. But there will be a counter area for snacks, with coffee machine/or tea and fridge/microwave.

If we get bands or artists that want to come and stay at the facility there are accommodations on site that range form basic dorm type rooms to full apartment type accommodations for a very reasonable price.

Also I there is plenty of room for future expansion or additions to the studio building.

Keep the questions comments, suggestions coming

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