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Well it's such a pity those contact numbers were not on the Behringer website when the diaphragm of my B-1 microphone went faulty and, after the retailer played awkward, I fruitlessly searched for a means of obtaining a new one to fit myself. According to the Behringer website, the only point of contact was a UK agent who said "Sorry, we don't carry that part, and I don't know if it's even possible to obtain one."

Consequently, two years or so later, that microphone is sitting in a drawer dead and useless thanks to appalling and unreachable Behringer customer support. Furthermore, I wouldn't be surprised if this situation has not changed. I have no intention of checking the website now because I don't want to risk wasting my time being sent round in circles and dead-ends yet again.
I recently placed an RK47 capsule from microphone parts into the b-1. Sounds great!