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Well I can't take credit for that one because i wasn't on that record! I was only 18 and still being groomed in the minors before being called up the next year to do Caustic Grip....

I do know that's DX7, and Emax c/o of Michael Balch who later moved on to work on Ministry records...

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Thank you for taking the time for us here in Gearslutz!

Now I have always considered you something of a sampling hero ever since this...

Which I joyfully played into the ground while analyzing the sampling wizardry at a time when I was yet to even own a sampler of my own. Later when I finally did get my paws on one I had to buy another copy of this album to brush up on inspiration.

My questions are mainly about the sampling in this album.

Which samplers were employed?
What was your process for taking and using samples?
What would you recommend for getting a similar sound today?

Thank you for any answers you can provide. And thank you for your part of creating such a timeless classic!