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SKnote announce MicCab - Microphone Modeling System

Extremely happy to present this new line:

MicCab - A Cabinet of Microphones.

Ribbon, Large Condenser, Small Condenser, an ever growing library of models.

Select the Model, set Gain, set or automate Proximity.

MicCab is a software product which emulates a set of great microphones, well known and useful for their character.

Models are based on measurements and on physical models, to approximate the behavior of microphones and get an extremely versatile system. The library of microphone models will be expanded in a dedicated web library. This first release contains a dual ribbon model, a large diaphragm well known model and a modern/vintage small diaphragm model.
Modeling is based on a choice of commercially available devices, from cheap but great sounding to sophisticated, for a wide range of choice depending on the budget or to build a large tracking system without spending crazy amounts (e.g. for multi-mic tracking like drums).
MicCab can also be used just as a palette of dynamic colors.

Released in October, will be available as VST/AU/AAX/32/64bit.

AAX-DSP is available, too, making is a very interesting tool for tracking and for live use with Avid Venue consoles.


Small diaphragm:

Large diaphragm: