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Old 27th September 2016
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Timecode, snapshots and virtual soundcheck vs. real world

Dear Robb,

could you explain a bit more about the timecode setup you're using with Massive Attack?
Does the drummer get a click track, are there any backing tracks running of the timecode?
Who starts the timecode for each song?
Do you also use the timecode with other acts? If so how often?

You seem to be using automation quite extensively. How do you deal with the fact that the room acoustics and the way the PA is configured (especially the subs) often have a quite significant influence on the way the instruments (especially drums) sound?
Do you use the "selective recall" and "tracking recall"? I mean... if you have to adjust the EQ on a channel during the first song, will the next snapshot reset the EQ or if you change the levels during the first song, will the next snapshot reset those changes, will the changed levels remain intact or will the next snapshot's change happen relative to your manual change?
Do you ever correct the next snapshot offline (during the show) if you predict that there will be a problem?
Which parameters (if any) do you keep in "recall safe"?
Have you ever encountered any significant problems while recalling a snapshot during the show (e.g. feedback)?
Would/do you also use the virtual soundcheck in smaller venues?

Sorry for so many questions and thank you very much for doing this Q&A.