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Old 6th April 2007
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Hi Russ, Thanks for being here!
I am really enjoying this forum
I am curious to know what kind of monitors you like to make decisions on, both for tracking and mix.
Have your preferences changed over the years or do you stick to some ol' trusty?

it's nice to be here emir. i don't know what i'd do without ns-10's! it's safe to say that 90% of the engineers i worked with when i was assisting used ns-10's, so that's what i'm used to. when i first started engineering, i had ns-10's and i tried a bunch of different larger nearfields that could handle the bottom. i mixed for a bit with the tannoy PBM-8's, DMT-12, Pro acs, genelecs, but none impressed me too much. i was mixing nikka's record (2000) and demo'd the krk E8's. i liked their low end so i bought a pair and about 2 years ago, i bought a pair of dynaudio BM15a's.

but you should check out my post in "monitoring with the...". i pretty much explained it there.

all the best