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Yes drBill, we are digging all by hand Actually everything is done by hand, we do have a few power tools and a cement mixer,. but those are a luxury in the Philippines. I don't think my guys have ever used a skill saw or miter/chop saw before.

I will post some SketchUp drawings to show the layout (i can post the actual blueprint drawings -its only 5 pages- but that's kinda boring,.. just let me know if anyone wants to see that)

I did all the Planning, Drawings and Layout myself for the Blueprints and then had an architect convert them into AutoCAD for printing and do any structural stuff needed. His fee was about 100$ including the printing.

I spent almost a year figuring out how i wanted the layout and dimensions,.. i started off with a much different layout than i have now,.. it was so cool but cost way to much and way more complex to build. So i simplified it and went with close dimensions to Creation Studios, fixing some things that should make it sound better.

As for the Permits / Inspections,.. its really a joke.. Most people here don't even get permits... they wait till its done and if the City catches them they fill an "as built" permit.. but I wanted to do it the legal way.

The permits took under 2 months and cost me about 150$ plus about 60$ to have a guy do all the running around and standing in line for me

There are NO inspections during construction... (even though I think they are supposed to)

(i think in the US every step requires a inspection.. dig the hole, get inspected, set the rebar, inspect, pour the cement, inspect,. etc...
So that is a Huge time saver and cost saver.

I think there will be a inspector come when its all done and walk through... I don't know if he looks at the plans or not.

Overall the cost of construction and labor here is much lower than the US. But some of the materials are about the same cost or more.

And some of the things we use in studio building are not available. Simple things like Drywall screws, Deck screws, Caulking, Insulation, (yea its 95*f here and they don't use insulation in their homes) Drywall is hard to find,.. but then the termites eat the paper anyway so I cant use that.
I had to search every store to find the only 4' level in the no 32oz framing hammers,. only 16oz finish hammers,. (they use that to pound the 4" nails ) What else,.. oh yea,. no extension cords, I had to make my own.. The wood here is cut like they used to do it in the old days... all on a home made table saw, a 2x4 is really 2"x4" and all lumber is ruff cut so you never have 2 pieces that are the same size. we do have good marine plywood,. but not much use in studio building and the termites love it. No pre-hung doors, Its hard to find 3 prong outlets.. they don't use Ground wires here,. only 2 hot wires. (of course i will use 3 prong outlets and grounds) but its not required in the permits.. lol 220 volts and no ground..

I'm sure there's more,... but as you can see they way they work and build things here is so much different than how we do it in the US. But it works

ok, next post is some drawings
Fascinating stuff Steve. I mean, any studio build in the US or the EU is an adventure, but I think you're on a SUPER adventure. Wild stuff. At least the inspectors will be a non-issue.

We take so much for granted here....