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Old 26th September 2016
Bass management

hi Robb, thanx for doing this!

I attendend the last 3 massive attack shows in Switzerland (as a fan) and I don't know if you were operating the FOH.. but it was incredible. The bass was super tight and loud.

I have 3 questions:
1. can you tell us something about the soundcheck procedure with Massive Attack? are you doing the laptop thing where you playback without the band/real instrumetns and do an "I call it offline soundcheck"?

2. is there any secret you can share about how you control the lowend? (which is very important with a band like Massive Attack)

3. how do you deal with the 100dB limit we have in Switzerland? I always struggle without 2bus compression (killing the peaks) and try to compensate in the lower mids (200-400 Hz) with a dynamic eq or us a multiband (I mostly work with Yamaha CL5 so I don't have much options).