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Old 26th September 2016
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A few years back, being poor I decided to do an all-Behringer studio experiment. Didn't end so well and I quickly traded up when the first wave of StudioLive mixers came out. The biggest issue I had was durability. Behry gear isn't built to last.

That being said, I still have the patchbays. No issues there. I liked the V-Verb when it worked. ADA8000 was a usable piece of gear and for a while I had four of those going into a Presonus interface (I forget the model name and am too lazy to Google it.) The one I'm really missing right now though is the B2031a's. I should have hung on to those. I've got Equators now which are very nice and not nearly as overkill as the Truths, but I miss the way the low end came out on the Behry's. My mixes are much better now, but I do sometimes feel like I'm flying blind on the low end.