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Old 25th September 2016
I used Samp for years (almost a decade now that I think about it)..... it was always really odd. Its a lot like driving a German car, nothing really seems to work the way it seems like it should, things were just never really intuitive. In a BMW SUV you push the tailgate button down to lift up the gate, just odd. But also like a German car, if you get past the quirkiness, Samp was a great machine to drive.


Samp stopped working for me almost entirely. I couldn't get it to latch to the sound card. I even tried a whole new PC (hardware and a different sound card). I worked and worked with it and just couldn't get it going.

After a week or two of absolute frustration across TWO DAWs and with no real help coming from Samp support I figured I would try Reaper. I downloaded it in under two mins, installed it in another minute and was recording a min later. Seriously, in about 5 mins I went from a week + of frustration with Samp to recording with Reaper.

I haven't opened Samp in probably 2 years, Reaper has been doing everything I ever need from a DAW. I really want to support Samp, while I used it there were lots of bugs to work through but the end result was worth it. However, the bugs only seemed to get worse and the odd layout really didn't help with my workflow.

Best of luck to all Samp users, but Reaper is just a better product for my needs.