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Not boring! Every bit of it is educational, and part of an intriguing story. Keep the photos coming.

I've been quietly following your builds for years, building vicarious studios in my mind. Much less manual labour this way, and I'm afraid of heights. Hope it's not windy up there on the scaffolding.

I know it's a ways off yet, but I can't wait to see what you do / build for furniture and racks. Good luck and keep up the inspiring work!

Thanks Johann, I appreciate that you are following this and the Creation build tread

I like your way,.. keep it in your mind ! hahha much less stress
Yes. ! I cant wait to get to the racks, audio wiring and acoustical work

Its not to windy in this area for now,.. I hope we can get the main structure done before Typhoon season,.. its only a month or two away.

But it is Hot here 35c to 40c most days.

I would have allot more done by now if I had more guys working (there are 6 of us) but right now my budget wont allow it. Plus a new baby on he way hopefully this week ! really too much going on in my mind now... hahahha