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Old 5th April 2007

hello everyone,

Hi Russ, I was wondering what is your approch to using reverbs? Most of your mixes seems to be very dry or with very little reverb on them but still you achieve a very big and large sound with depth. How do you achieve that? Thanx.
yes, i do like things dry and raw for the most part. i use reverbs for coloring and not for the whole sound as it tends to make my mixes sound too slick and unnatural. i like to use reverbs and fx in subtle ways. reverb doesn't have to be loud to be effective.

when i'm getting my sounds and balances together, i usually will not turn on any reverbs until halfway through the mix, if at all. i try and achieve a big sound without resorting to reverb. so i just keep chipping away until the track is pumping. then once i'm happy heh, i start to think about what i might want some room or ambience on. also on drums for example, once my sound is there, reverb will cheapen the sound (to my ears). just because you have it, you don't have to use it. i have all this gear at my disposal, but i dont use it all everytime. i choose as i go along what i might want to use. if it doesn't need it, i won't touch it. typically for a mix, i'll use 2 plates and maybe one side of the 480 or 960 and that's it. this might be due to the fact that i like to create space with subtle delays as well. the times where i do need lots of reverb (eg: the roots), i try and use seperate reverbs on individual instruments. this really gives them their own space.

i definitely favor emt plates and real chambers like if I'm in a studio with a good live room, I'll use the studio as a live chamber. i also like the Lexicon 960L, 480L, 300, Sony DRE-777 and TC Electronics M5000. when i'm using one of the digital verbs, i tweak the parameters until i get a natural sound.