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Old 23rd September 2016
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Wow! 10 year old thread!

Still have mine but the battery is dead.... One day I'm gonna break out the soldering iron and put in a battery holder.

Anyway, as far as your question is concerned, I don't know. Haha. Do they even make outboard rack fx anymore? I would say that an Eventide H9 with a few select algorithms would be an excellent alternative. I own two and they are badass. If you have an iPad then your interface is even better than the Sony. If not, the Sony still is better interface wise. The Sony is still more flexible as far as dual fx are concerned.

Maybe a used Lexican MX400? That'll give you dual fx capabilities and a decent display.

Other than that I don't really have an overview of everthing out there any more. I'm all GAS'd out.... I've filled up my studio with so much that if a can't make a great sounding recording at this point then shame on me.

Good luck!