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Old 23rd September 2016
Hi Reptil,
I'll try to set my Cirklon ( and synths connected to it) so I can make a live performance, that's why I have 4 master Keyboards around me. So even with the Cirklon not running I can play and organize my sounds.
When I need to program a rythm or a loop modular), the Cirklon can record it in real time and I can still make a lot of change with sounds, random event (Cirklon aux tracks).
My use of the Buchla 250e is more like a "event sequencer" instead a "classical seq" I use it to introduce some "random cyclic" modulation on sounds.
Sharing Buchla patch...well... I'm using the Quantized Random votages from the 266e to control CV at the Stage addressing of the 250e, so I can have a random with some control on it...(hope it makes sense
It's maybe counterintuitive, but because of this setup architecture, I feel more free, not mentaly blocked on a 4 bars or 16 bars structure, as i said when I decide to capture the peformance, it's most of the time a stereo track in Logic, when the composition is done, I can later edit, add others tracks, produce in more classical way.
regarding Madazulu... sometime I just have melody coming when playing my piano, that's what happened with Oyme'song or Madazulu, vocal parts came later.