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And one (well, several) more thing(s)... This was trickle down technology from the D7 and R7. It uses the same chips and algorithms. Remember, however, that this is a 10 year old unit. Still, the reverbs are actually very good with clean tails. Good sub-harmonic synth. Good delays. REALLY easy to program. Tells you the time. Reminds you who you are. Makes a good espresso.... I'd actually like to mod mine to make it balanced in order to integrate it back into my studio. For comparisons sake, it was FAR better than the Alesis Quadraverb that was so popular at the time. (Although it also cost twice as much...) It also came in two flavors. One aimed at guitar players (pink) and the other at studios (blue). So, for what it's worth, it ain't my Eventide but it also ain't leaving my possession.
What would be a contemporary alternative to this unit in a recording situation ? I fear that this might be very noisy. Are there effects truly unique to the HR MP5 ?

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