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Old 22nd September 2016
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Composing and Sequencers?

Hi √Čric,
wonderful you want to answer our questions.

I want to know more about your sequencer use and composing please.
I struggle with that sometimes myself, so maybe you can offer some insight in the way you work.
You've mentioned in another thread, that you are using a Circlon sequencer to synchronize all the synthesizers. I assume that it was used on the Evo Devo album.

My question is, how do you compose using sequencers? Do you figure out a song structure and melody in detail, before programming a sequence? Or build from a very basic idea, making it more complex as you go?

Do you use sequencers in the Buchla? If yes, do you include those sequences when writing, or are they used to create variations and subdivisions on a basic theme during the process? Maybe you can share a favorite patch?

Did the Circlon radically change your way of working? And does it steer you in a direction of song structure, or does it offer more flexibillity than before?
Comparing a song like Madazulu with Evo Devo? What has changed the way you compose and use a sequencer?

Those are a lot of questions about the same topic, I hope that's ok with you.
Merci beaucoup!