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Hey Russ.
Thanks for introducing me to gearslutz - really enjoying this forum...
Question for you: Is there ever a time when you prefer using the onboard compression on the SSL, or do you nearly always use the more boutique outboard compressors? Do you ever use a little on the board before hitting the outboard? thanks man. tony
hey tony!

nice to see you here. you got room for me if i come out to sydney?heh
most of the time i do go for the outboard gear. but i do really like the onboard compressors on the channels. they're really useful and add a nice punch on things. and yes sometimes, on the kick for instance, i will use a little onboard before i hit the outboard. or towards the end of the mix and everything is sitting right, and the automation is happenning, there might be that one thing that might need a slight push or tuck, in which case i'll go for the onboard.

see you soon