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I dont find that you can mix faster on them. I find the less detailed and more budget monitors while great tools at their price tend to take longer to mix on as its a struggle to hear exactly whats happening in the mix at times.

I like genelecs as listening speakers with detail. As a sole mixing tool i just find them too flattering as well. As a secondary set they are great though. Great company as well.

Celinara, Remember genelec not only leads as music studio monitor , but also in audio post rooms, thousands of pro mixers use the 80 series in a daily basis without any complaint , flatter? no you may be talking about mastering speakers instead, genelec are very detailed because tweeter, waveguide...... actually more "hyped" than mastering speakers.

As Jantex said, bad mixes sound bad on the genelec, good mixes sound good. A friend of mine uses 1032 only, I could't learn the 1032 enough to feel safe for mixing, but the 8050a is a different beast (for me) and is all I need , no second monitor required.

Also, Genelec's sound is adjustable (deep switches and software) I got to say I prefer analogue switches, . without adjustment genelec will "lie" flat settings are for measurement only.

Also the room is very important