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You seem to be well verbed, TNM.
Did you check out Zynaptiq's Adaptiverb?
Just hearing the demos let me know it is absolutely outstanding quality!

So i downloaded it excited..Unfortunately, no matter what sort of quality, I just can't use effects that use an entire one of my macbook's cores for one instance, and can ONLY be used on a playback buffer of high latency..

I can't even use one instance at my normal 128 buffer, and that's on an absolutely top of the macbook line range, 1TB internal SSD, 16gb ram, 2.8ghz quad core i7 retina model..

So for that, it's a no go for me personally.

Nevertheless, I did test it like crazy.. and it has an absolutely stunning "natural" quality to it. Probably the best for "that" sound. However, Acon, Lex, Exponential, Overloud.. they are all still fantastic, and 9/10 of the way there.. And in a good mix, no one is going to know you used them instead of adaptiverb. And that's basically why I can't support the product with my wallet. If it offered this jump in quality at a reasonable cpu, i'd be all over it. Hope that makes sense. It's basically a case of 9/10th's of the way there is good enough

Another example is Waves' H reverb, which is absolutely as high as i am willing to go for cpu usage for a plugin. And what many people don't realise (as it's rarely discussed), is that it's also one of the most natural sounding reverbs, and VERY sculpt-able. It has a very pure sound, is silly underrated, and I got it for some crazy price of under 50 bucks with a $50 coupon they gave out freely.

However, BECAUSE of H Reverb's high cpu usage, I generally tend to go for my UADs, which are, the ocean way for room, lex 224 for lush, emt 140 for plate, and also the new Neve and Spring verb plugins, and/or breverb 2 and lex PCM out of my native plugins.

Breverb 2 is a hidden gem.. Honestly in every best reverb thread, I must be the only person that brings it up LOL! And I feel it's because perhaps people are remembering breverb 1 which was average.. Breverb 2 added an enormous tweaking flexibility and 2 stunning new "natural" algorithms, which sadly never seem to get talked about. The killer is, it literally barely registers cpu usage on any i7, I mean like 1 or 2% even at 128 buffers. Absolute programming GENIUS!

So I feel i just have so many options, that I am already comfortable with and know inside out, that adding such a high cpu plugin as adaptiverb to my workflow would be completely counter productive.

Put it this way - I have 26 UAD 2 chips for fx, 15 hardware synths (I don't use software synths anymore, well, barely), my computer of course, a great interface (apollo 8 quad thunderbolt chained to an apollo twin duo), and i STILL run out of native cpu power or am always on the edge.. How on earth could I incorporate adaptiverb into my workflow even if I wanted to?

Reverb is something that needs to live and breath for me.. something that I am constantly tweaking to sit correctly in the mix, more than any other effect.. It's not as if i can just bounce and forget it, know what i mean?

That's my take.

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