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Old 18th September 2016
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bazille is one of the worst, tinniest, "harsh timbre" synths I have ever heard in my life. The fact that it makes top ten of any synth list when there are hundreds of synth plugins available, shocks me more than the reverb results.

Then again i don't like serum or massive, and the only u-he synth i like is Diva (well done there) - i think zebra is just awful. So once again, i have done a hat trick and completely disagreed with the overall plugin polls top ten here. Most of these wouldn't even make top 50 to me.

To each their own Rock on and make great music!

I wish i had known about these polls so i could have at least got my vote in.. Oh well.. my fault for spending too much time at kvr and not here, the best music forum on earth!