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I think someone mixed up words: "Popular", and "The Best"......

If it is based on voting it means popular.

I didn't vote in this as i must have missed it, but totally disagree with the results.. Valhalla won cause they are decent verbs with a nice dev, but more importantly, they are popular cause of the price, and CP used.

To actually take this poll seriously in that VVV is the BEST reverb ( i would consider best would have something to do with sound)? and beat out both lexicon and exponential and relab stuff.. is (to put it mildly), just mind boggling to me. It really just tells me not to trust polls at all. There is no WAY that is the best reverb plugin and no WAY VVV as one plugin can compete with the suite that is PCM.

It's a GOOD reverb don't get me wrong, and good for those wanting that lexicon style lush vintage sound (note in this poll VVV has beaten out the authentic lexicons it emulates lol, and reverbs written by mr lexicon himself lol), but i feel this poll is skewed cause it doesn't use ilok and is cheap and THAT'S why people voted for it.

Then again, i never agree with any daw/plugin poll results I have ever seen, about anything. Maybe I am just too different in my taste, or maybe i'm wrong and can't see what others see (or in this case, hear). Dunno!

But for me, i'm all about uad verbs (140/250/224 and many more), lex/exponential (all), and breverb 2 (most underrated verb plugin ever- such power and control).

Before i comment further, please know, this is the very first "top ten" gs poll i have ever seen.


Edit, i checked out the other polls.. whilst i don't agree with the results, i am not all that surprised.. I have been following GS for years and the products that generate the most buzz and talk (i.e longest forum topics with great interest) seem to have won, so i have no doubt of the integrity of the polls here, but I personally won't be agreeing with any of the actual results. So basically, i worded the above wrongly.. it's not about not trusting polls for me, but about not trusting other people's taste in general, as i always seem to disagree with it LOL!

The hardware results made more sense to me overall.

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