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Hi Russell,
Thanks for all your previous answers...great to have you here...
I'm a huge Nikka fan... in fact I had to go out and buy another copy of Everyone... because I lent mine to a singer never to get it back.
"So Have I For You" is such a dense sounding mix. How long did that take to mix and was there a lot of automation? Also, there is a lot of use of delays throughout the record. Are there any models you favor??

thank you very much heh
if i recall, "so have i for you" took 2.5 days to mix. yes i really like how that one came out. pino and ahmir rocked that song out! and yes there was quite a bit of automation. we used a maestro tube echoplex for a lot of the delays for that album. also used a pcm 42 and pcm 41. i still favor them to this day. the mooger delay is a real nice delay unit as well...

all the best