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I would rotate the mics 90° counter-clockwise on their vertical axis. In that position the "M" would have a clear shot ahead and the "S" a clear shot on each side. That is, the mic bar would be at right angles to the sound source. I meant to ask Roger about this as the mics will still be in the same relation to each other (i.e., occupy the same amount of space and present the same amount of visual obstruction) but have each more direct access to what they want to "hear."
That's a very interesting suggestion. If one were using MKH 30s as in Rolo's picture here, you're suggesting that you take the side mic (green) and position it directly behind the mid mic (red), correct? That would present an even smaller visual obstruction to the audience!

It would also satisfy people who have seen this setup and raised concerns that the side mic is not exactly centered, and that the side mic's rear lobe is being shadowed by the mid mic. No comment on if those concerns are justified or not, but it seems your suggestion would address both issues. Although now, the rear lobe of the mid mic would be shadowed by the side mic behind it. You can't please everyone, I guess.