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To my ears, this way they MS is better than when used on top of each other (the regular way).
I would rotate the mics 90° counter-clockwise on their vertical axis. In that position the "M" would have a clear shot ahead and the "S" a clear shot on each side. That is, the mic bar would be at right angles to the sound source. I meant to ask Roger about this as the mics will still be in the same relation to each other (i.e., occupy the same amount of space and present the same amount of visual obstruction) but have each more direct access to what they want to "hear."

The recordings sound good and I am itching to get the MRP-01's out working again. The Oktava Shop was not listing this mic the last time I looked. NoHype would have been a better choice for me, I think, as JP seems to have a more steady inventory. Just my bias, perhaps.

Thanks for the photo posting.