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Old 4th April 2007
i am torn with how much effort or emphasis i should put on gear vs. just learning techniques and developing the craft.

the better the tools, the easier it is to get from point A to point B. but you have to be practical and not get too carried away with gear. it depends on your goal. it's the difference between having an amazing sounding record or a good sounding record. but it's purely subjective as well. though when it's right, it's undeniable. you can make anything sound great with gear X or Y because ultimately it's the user that brings the sound out. as i've said before here, try to stay away from the pro-sumer stuff. i know it's hard when you're in the music store and you can buy 5 pieces of gear for the price of one really good mic but i would go for quality over quantity. it's fine to buy some lower end stuff when you're starting out and learning what things can do, but when you're ready to get serious, you need good equipment. so it's a double edged sword, the gear is an extension of your art once you've learned the craft.

all the best