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Oh, I see. I was referring to tracking and mixing situations, although none of the projects has been mixed from tape for years now. The machine is silent enough (for me and the owner) for mixing off from it, playing guitar parts in the control room etc. I hadn't thought of silent control room (we have no machine room), you get used to the sound of the machine after living with it for decades And after the mods, changing the bearings etc. I'd dare to call it pretty silent (when running the play or rec). And the control room is big enough so it's not sitting by your ear. Anyway, great sounding machine!
Yes. You just get used to it - where it becomes a part of the air that surrounds you. But take it away.....and it's breathtakingly silent. I too had lived with the "silent" noise of a well maintained JH24 for decades. And now that it's gone, I'm finally happy with the "new" silence of my CRM.

That machine does sound great for rock though. IMO if I were to have a 2" machine, there's zero doubt it would be a JH24, but I'd have to have a maintenance guy who knew the machine on staff.