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Double ?

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Sorry for the late reply...

The angle is not necessary, we place them parallel to the floor. These space couplers (Russ Berger) effectively double the absorption of trapping above them and also offer some diffraction to help disguise reflections from the console and other things in front of the speakers.

The absorption doubling is accomplished by the 'channeling' effect of these grids. They 'bounce' the sound upwards, no matter the incident angle.

Thanks John appreciate the input, but really, these will DOUBLE the absorption of a cloud? That's really interesting. I had thought of these grids as more of a 600Hz-2kHz treatment to scatter or spread that FR.

So mounting them in front of absorption basically funnels additional/higher SPL into the trap/cloud and increases the absorption efficiency? Will mounting flush against the cloud or leaving a gap between the grids and cloud have an impact?

Always looking for additional ways to limit desk/console reflections.