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Guitar solo take 12. Vocal overdub 5. I hate that stuff!
This reminded me of a formative moment. A college friend & bandmate of mine (who has since gone on to great things) had gotten a job as a junior engineer at the Record Plant in NYC. Being at the bottom of the pecking order, he got to do things like the all-night half-off sessions for low-budget projects. I went down to visit him one weekend, and he told me to meet him at the studio because he had a late session.

I got there at probably 11:30PM, and camped out in the control room while a southern-rock band watched their guitarist try to lay down a solo overdub on the other side of the glass. Something like four hours later, it ended....I think in the end the poor guy just couldn't get a clean take down, but they managed to punch in a few fixes for the squirreliest parts. I heard that song so many times that night that I can still sing it for you.

I knew then that a full-time commercial studio gig was beyond my spiritual capabilities.