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How can you not use subwoofers? Did i misunderstand that question? I have always read that one of the main advantages of the big/proper mastering rooms is the accurate low end. How can you get that without subs. It must be that the speakers you use are flat down to 30HZ or something like that?
i swear i dont use subs. it's a component that was not around when i was coming up. the BM15a's that i use go down to 30hz so i can hear what's happenning on the bottom. but its not always about the sub frequencies when your going for a nice low end. frequencies are unpredictable, they phase, they can mask each other, they can play tricks on you. pulling out low frequencies doesn't mean you'll get less bottom in the overall mix. subtractive eq'ing works well and is a good technique. you have to make room sometimes. you can't just keep adding frequencies and expect it to get bigger and better. that's when things get muddy.

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