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Starting with some Pics of the construction.

Sorry if these are boring now… But it will get better as we move into the good stuff!

I had to remove a large tree and a clothes washing station that was not being used.. it turned into 2 weeks of work as our foundation columns needed to go right where the foundation for the station was… Of Coarse!,.. it wouldn't be studio construction if we didn't have a challenge before we even started... hahaa

There are 16 Columns and a Beam that goes around the top,. that is the main structure. Then the Concrete Blocks fill in the areas between the columns and beam.

Its hard for me to get used to how they build things here.,.. but I am going with the way they do it.

Starting the Layout .. This was after 2 weeks of trying to remove that wash station

The Footings for the 16 Columns are 3'x3' Its mostly sand in this area so easy diging,.. but we did find some rocks

That's my job for a few days... cutting rebar

Setting the first rebar for the columns

Some Rebar Columns

My friend Joel tying the wire, and Forman Richard

First Cement !!

Richard pouring the first column

More Progress

Richard pouring the first section of a column

More Progress...

Now we have a few columns poured all the way to the top

Now we have 11 Columns all the way up,. only 5 left..

Next week we start the Top Beam. When that's finished we will move all the wood to the other side to build the last 5 Columns and then the Beam for that section.

Then we will have the Frame for the building

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