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INSPIRATION Recording Studio - Philippines - SteveP Studio Construction Thread

After a year of planning and much prayer we started construction from the ground up on a new studio. The main focus of this studio will be recording, producing and developing Christian artists. This is also a teaching facility, Classes will range from recording and mixing to music and vocal classes. Included is a School of Worship and a Christian Radio Station.

The studio and classes are open to the public.

It is a Huge challenge to build this in the Philippines,. The materials we have here are not like what we are used to in the US and prices are high.
So as we go through this thread and the construction there will be lots of improvisation and creative use of materials.

I am from the USA and built 2 studios there, Creation Studios in CA was the last one, some of you might still remember the construction thread. Steve's new Recording Studio from the start

My wife Cindy and I have been serving as Christian missionaries in the Philippines for the last 5 years, She teaches at a Preschool on the campus where I am building the studio.

Studio Location
There are not many studios in the Philippines,. Its not like the US where almost everyone has a studio in their bedroom, there is really no place for people to record here.

I am building this on the grounds of the Calvary Bible College in Dumaguete from the ground up.
It is a very quiet area so I don't have to worry about isolation from the outside world.

The main structure is Concrete Blocks, some of the interior isolation walls will also be Blocks. Other inside walls use Hardiflex Fiber Cement Board (the termites eat the drywall here and its hard to get and expensive) the Live Room and Control Room slabs will be isolated.

I designed the facility myself, and tried to make it a simple, easy to build and easy to work in. Taking what I have learned from the past 2 studios I built, owned and operated.
I have been doing this since the 80s.. so I have an idea of how I like to work and the sound I want form the Live Room and Control Room.

The building is 50'x34' with a 14' ceiling in the Control Room and 14 to 18 ft angled ceilings in the Live Room.

There is a Control Room, Live Room, One Iso, Bathroom, Machine Room and a office area that will be the temporary Radio Station. All the rooms will be wired with Tie Lines.

Cooling and ventilation will be handled with a few Split Type aircons and a Fresh Air System.

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