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Snaps, Claps and things???

Peace Russell...

First off I'd like to start by saying that I appreciate the work you've done for the artists that you have worked with, and also taking the time in "speaking" with us on GS.

Voodoo and Like Water for Chocolate are two of my most favored albums on sonic quality alone. I can't deny the fact that I use both albums to reference when I mixing my own material. I didn't realize that you mixed Voodoo when it released, for some reason I thought that (and please don't take offense) Bob Power mixed it. Unfortunately that assumption was done by association...but Voodoo did put you one my radar as an inovator in the industry. Regardless, between you and Bob I couldn't think of anyone else I'd have mix my material besides myself. So in reading your posts I feel that I'm going in the right direction in how I approach trying to acheive "that sound". I say this because when I'm asked by my peers how I got "that sound" I'm getting now, my responses are similar to what I've read in all your posts. So thanx for pushing the envelope and making music I love have life.

Now for my simple question... I was listening to Voodoo recently and I have to ask.... How did/do you capture the snaps and hand claps on the album or when you record? What micing techniques, polar patterns, signal chain, etc....did you use? On Voodoo it just sounds so natural that I just have to ask. Is it because it was recorded to tape? what is it? I know it's something simple, but it's something that I'd ask you over a cup of coffee, ya know? But we've never met and I don't drink coffee. So hopefully in the future I'll be able to watch you work... until then... Thanx ahead for your time.

PS.... I forgot to mention Mama's Gun as well.