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Drum mic combinations?

When tracking live drums, what combinations of mic's do you like best in what positions? I know this is a loaded question relative to the song, style, room, player, and drum tuning. I'm just finishing up a home studio that is targeted at recording drums at home.

So perhaps I should be more specific, and ask what you would use out of my mic locker on my kit.

The Drum kit is: DW 1998 14X4.5 wood snare, 20X14 kick, toms are power 8,10,12,14. With an alternate kick (Ludwig 22X16) and alternate snare (Tama/sound lab project 14X4.5 -Steel). Cymbals are fairly typical. Large crash left, med crash right. China on far right can cause some mic placement limits. 21" ping ride. Cow bell over the center toms.

Here is the locker:
Advanced Audio: pair-CM87se, CM47se, (4)-CM47FET, CM28, DM-20
Coles: pair-4038
Groove Tubes: MD1A, MD3
Soundelux: U95S
Lawson: 47
AKG: (3) MD409-U3, (2) D1000E, D12E, Norelco Rocket
Pair-Latvian RM-5
Line Audio: pair-CM3
Shure: (4) SM57, SM7B
Sennheiser: (4) e906. (2)311, 431, 441
Audio Technica: ATM-25
Electro Voice: RE-20
Neumann: 105
Sony: C-450, (2) CV-300
Hiel: PR-40
Homemade Sub-kick

I won't list the preamps, but I do have a wide selection for a proper match with any kind of mic.

My drumming style ranges from Pop, Heavy metal, Blues, Prog. I can't point to to examples of my playing. But I can point you to a similar feel from my cousin who played for AMERICA for 41 years. The Song Tin Man is a good example of a shuffle feel I commonly play. My style was started using the Tom work of Neal part, The Snare of Stewart Copeland, and the Crash/Kick placement of Phil Collins. A 3 over 4 feel, or a paradiddle with a triplet feel are kind of built into my playing. My kick is early, and my snare late to give the feel some sex appeal. I fully believe a good drummer does not get in the way of the song, especially the vocals. I am not a country player who always stays right in the pocket. My parents were swing musicians from the big band era. If you are wondering, Age 50.

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