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My studio is on my property at home now and I like to think it is a real studio! Get a computer, a good preamp and mic and a set of speakers that you listen to everything on so you know what a great mix sounds like on them and start making tracks. My first studio was a 4 channel tube mic pre /mixer with a bass and treble control , 2 mics and an old Sony 2 track. Just do it a lot and the other stuff will come.
It's a real studio for sure

Mark of all the gear you listed, and given how good the inexpensive tools are these days ... would you agree that monitoring is really the most important tool for a young mixer? To listen, learn and work?

It used to be that Genelec 1031s were close to the low end, or Event 20/20s, or Mackie HR 824s ... now there are $300/pair speakers sold as professional tools and people are mixing on earbuds and headphones.

Obviously a smart person can eventually learn to mix on anything, but physics is physics, and many rooms need a lot of help.

What's your take on monitoring as a tool for the home studio folks?