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The iD4 doesn't have MIDI but most controllers connect via USB anyway. I had the iD4 and it is a nice interface and it sounds really good but I had problems with the drivers not running smoothly at higher settings on my Windows PC so I couldn't get the latency low enough for DI guitar recording. Like 9.33 ms overall latency was the best it could do whereas the 2nd Scarlett 2i2 gets down to 5.1 ms without any issues on my PC. A lot of it depends on your computer and DAW. Some people have no problems running the Audient drivers at 64 samples but they wouldn't work at that setting at all on my PC, even though the Scarletts run fine at 32 samples (they want to blame it on my PC but it runs fine with other interfaces so I don't buy that argument). The bottom line: the performance of audio interfaces varies so much from system to system and DAW to DAW that your best bet is buying from somewhere with a good return policy and just test some different ones out until you get something that works and sounds good for what you're doing.

Works fine on my Laptop. It does depend. At one point I found out that my internal sound card gave better performance than a NI sound interface.... Early days for audient drivers too.
In the UK any online purchase has an automatic 14 day, at least, cooling down period, so even if you've used it you can send it back no problems.

I've not used the steinberg interface but the id4 really does sound like a much more expensive unit. They aren't Burr Brown chips in the id4 this has been confirmed here by audient staff. I'll dig up the post if you cant find it.