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Smile Ambient Influences (or none)

Thank you for taking my question, Mr. Roach! I am a big fan. I regularly play "Structures From Silence" (remastered) and "Quiet Music" when I perform formal tea ceremonies and they never fail to put my guests into a introspective, receptive place (the former best for evenings, the latter, mornings).

My question is about influences. The studio landscape is infinite, each synth gives so much endless entertainment and possibility. Do you listen to the work of other ambient artists and peers for inspiration/comparison or do you find that your process works best when you isolate yourself from what others are doing and concentrate on your own journey alone?

You will certainly be viewed by history as one of the greats in the genre of "ambient", as will Brian Eno. How do you view your work in light of his? If I had you both on my desert island, I would be perfectly content for the duration.

Thank you for all the replies you've already given in this Q&A. I have been so inspired!