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Old 3rd April 2007
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Hi Russel! I love your sound!
I totally agree with you and I think to always try new way makes everything more fun.
Do you have any way to refresh your ears? do you take breaks often? do you have a time limit in front of the speakers during mixing??
hello reuven,

thanks a lot man heh
yes i do take breaks quite often. i can tell when my ears or my brain is getting tired. if it's a dense song, and there's lots of frequencies going on, i'll do 20 minutes, then take a 20 minute or more break. on a difficult song, you can be more productive with more breaks. in the earlier part of my career, i would just pound away and i could be working for like 4 or more hours straight (with only a few 5 or 10 min breaks to take a call or something). but these days the most i'll do in one sitting is about 2 hours. but if i'm really vibin, it could be longer. it's definitely good to pace yourself and know that you're not wasting time when you're taking a rest.

also, you can get too focused on the details when you're working for a long stretch. once you take a nice break, you can come back and are more able to look at the overall picture. and sometimes, that thing that you keep tweaking and can't seem to get right (at that moment) will sound just fine or you're able to see how to resolve it after you come back from an hour break. also, just as important, stay conscious of how loud you're monitoring.